g00d m0rning (with Pien​-​g) - Single -

by Debsak x Pien-g

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Alright so hear me out, or get the fuck out
Get fucked up, the choice is yours to make but hurry up now
I ain't got all the time in the world, i gotta go to work, and i hate my job
I can't stand it, neither all the people i'm attending
Is your drink okay, most respectable lady?
Would you like to order some shut the fuck up with that beverage?
Just go away, have a shit, don't come back later

But fuck with, whatever, psycho square up in this
it's spelt "d-e-b" but you pronounce it "menace"
Hate everything if the moment is right, get drunk and high
Pass out in the floor as the time passes by, this kinda life is just not alright
But i couldn't care less bitch, just lemme die
I get to choose with which poison i season my life

And i keep going fuelled simply by the hate flowing
Through this veins of mine, wait in line for ur dose of it
And don't worry, there's plenty for everybody
Except for you because i hate you, and i'm not sorry

FUCK, you and all your friends psycho square we don't care

[Faggot Gay]
liquor bottle in my hand and still dizzy
i felt yesterday that my brain was drippin
like a run over dog that still living
niggaz pop your fucking face and you stop breathing

everebody look at you cuz you'r high now
but people didn't notice that you are crying now
your friends are gone and nobody wanna see your face
they are making fun of you, this aint no fame or shame.

then you wake up at the next morning with
a motherfucking feeling you don't wanna feel
they stole your things, your face is fucked
and you look like a fucking whore wanna be

having that cock like you are having dinner
suck it so hard like a vacum cleaner
and this is the moment you start to say
"i wanna kill myself" with no fucking reason

people get faggot, people got lost
others get fucked others got shot
this ain't no poetry, is out of your mind
no matter what happend you won't understand
my homies be chillin, my homies be sippin
my homies be dealing we kill you real quick
out of the way cuz we don't give a shit
psycho square motherfucka remember that quick

So fuck you, fuck you, fuck them, fuck that, know what, this sounds familiar
Spit sick shit till i dislocate my neck, bitch suck on my dick till you're a cripple
Disrespectful, teleton, i don't give a fuck bout your retarded son
I'm fuckin everybody, fat or dumb, fag or hoe, fuck you all

Dig a ditch, kill a bitch, give a shit? nah, that aint me
I couldn't care less if u paid me for it, i'm coming for ya (RUN FORREST!)
I'm angry as fuck with no apparent reason
Must be the alcohol drawback, i miss it
I'm irresponsible, i'm an asshole i'm everything u should burn to the ground, bitch

Rest in peace to the game cuz i'm fresh to death
Riding w/ my niggas to tha burger king, i'ma fat motherfucker i don't wanna leave
If the vegans complain i don't give a shit, immakill these motherfuckers with my wein er (pig)
Justin bieber, better believe me, never say never imma rape u eeeeeeaassy
Cuz right now it's the white boy seaaason
Im da kinda nigga u would find in priiison


released February 12, 2014
Beat, Mixing and Mastering done by Debsak at Debsak Studios.
Vocals by Debsak and Pien-G



all rights reserved