Not Another Wake Up Song

by Debsak

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me dio la weá y la subì y khé


(The feelings struck me) like the (sudden notion) of my neck being [broken]
I've slowly turned into a [monster!]
I've reached a (point of no return)
Nothing will (ever be same) and i'm still (dealing with that thought) cause first of all

When i started rapping, i just wrote to (mock and shock)
To simply (entertain) but now i'm [tainted], yeah, i'm [cursed]
I wrote a (whole tape) on how i felt (2 years ago)
And now i guess (i'll write another one on how i'm [feeling worse])

On how i'm [choking] on these words that (i cannot begin to explain)
Cuz when i (sit and grab a pen i just get) [overhwhelmed]
(Soakin wet) on (cold sweat) and it gets (hard to take a breath)
(I used to be deaf to these demons, but now at my ears they) [YELL]

I mean it's (sickening to listen to) your own voice (as it wasnt yours)
And (messing) with the (time and space) of (everything) that's (held you through)
[Forever] i mean, wake me up (already, kill me if necessary)
Sometimes the (thin layers of perception) in my brain get messy

And then i am (left here), (i'm a leftie) with a (nice amount of axons that are fried)
cuz of the (sequels that my choices left me)

I don't know (what to [say]), i don't know (what to [do]), i don't ([who] i am)
I don't know (if i'm gonna wake up to something different)
or if im gonna [die sleeping]

or if im gonna [stop feeling], i'm (fearful and fucked up)
And everything (i've thought) and (i've done haunts me down this [road])

And now they're (saying i need a doctor)
Cuz i'm having a (hard time keeping myself in) [control], and i now wonder
Why the fuck would i have to confront
My own thoughts as if i were fighting with someone, as if i wasnt alone in my head no more,
and that's where i've been, this years been a long one


released May 1, 2015



all rights reserved