Outta My Head (with Pien​-​G) -Single-

by Debsak

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A song long written and recorded about hating stuff, yay!!!!



Have a free piece of advice and close them motherfucking eyes
Cover your ears, and pretend like everything's alright...

Cuz you're really gonna wish that you're not here
In the same room with me, i'm a sick prick
Well not really not all the time,
but in this precise moment i am!
Gotta figure a way to unleash the rage
To puke the pain, so how about some CARNAGE?!
How bout a motherfucker saying "how bout"
And letting u choose which limb you like less?
I'm sorry darling i don't wanna do it
No, wait, i do, psycho shit is confusing
I hate you and i love you
But then again i don't even know you!
Who the fuck are you, get away from me
See this knife? woops it already went through your ribs
Again, darlin', i am deeply sorry, i just hate everything and i'm making up for it!

Fuck you, get outta my headx4

This the crusade of a broken soul
Who has always been a part of the crowd
In that lonely road where nobody cares
Where everything's handled by the vices and
If i chop my legs, you make fun of me
But if i kill your wife it's insanity
You can't stop me now
See the blood spilled over the place is so exciting
Living as a hostage, locked in a room
Feeling how the motherfucking needles come through
I know you wanna cry please tell me true
i will bury you alive and you can not refuse
no matter when your motherfucking life is gone
you don't have any opinion is a rotten corpse
that used to be a being with no heart and soul
now you are a body with a crushed skull

So fuck you, you, fuck them, fuck that, know what? fuck everybody
I swear to that unexistant god that i'm already tired of so many motherfuckers
I lack the necessary amount of middle fingers on my hands
To give enough shits, fucks and damns
Where's marilyn manson when you need your own irresponsible hate anthem?!
Slap the skin off that fucking face, i laughed last where you laughed first
And when you motherfucker realized you were gonna die i fucking LAUGHED AGAIN
You know they say it's all fun and games, AND IT'S EVEN FUNNIER WHEN ONE LOSES THE HEAD
And wow, now, it's both of us! I'm fucking sick and you're fucking dead!

now you got a real view of me
the crazy ass nigga who can't fcking feel
killing people as my great obsession
the melody of pain goes into my ears
not giving a fuck when you claim for mercy
your fucking presence just drive me crazy
you say stop and i say keep going
nobody gonna miss a motherfucking scum bitch
hold your breath the black death is here
without brain to save without meant to live
without no one else who say what i feel
just this fucking knife going through your rear
i'll blow your face in front of your sons
so they can learn to not mess with us
kick you so hard that i make you squirm
like a fucking worm i will crush you bitch



released October 10, 2013
Lyrics and vocal performance by Debsak and Pien-G
Instrumental by Debsak
Recording, mixing and mastering by Debsak



all rights reserved