Tearing Down The Roof Of The World -Single-

by Debsak

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New song for a new album, enjoy!


Yo, i've sharpened my tongue
(with words), out of (thoughts) you don't (wanna know)
they don't benefit you (at all)
I started (defilling my soul)
When i realized (delusional happiness) was not (worth) living (for)
And that i'd rather (watch it all burn)
Out of a (passion) that would always leave me (sore)
And i won't ever learn
There's (certain joy) in (experimenting pain)
Cuz it makes you (feel alive), even though youre (filled with hate)
And you (scream and rage) for beautiful things (now dead)
And you're (fed) with people for whom once you gave (your best)
I'm (stressed) because of the things that (come out my mind)
To a (world) that deceives (everyone), fairy tale my ass
Watch my (friends), and (fuck everybody else)
Cuz when i set for set a goal and (nobody gives a damn)
(Then), what the (fuck) am i supposed to do)
(Love dies), the (scars stay) and so do (you)

Can't you see the sky is falling
Everywhere all hope is gone
What will you do when you face
The end, it's time to burn them all

And for this (second verse), i've been (gathering frustration)
From the (bullshit), the (lies), the (excuses) and (accusations)
(Over reacting), (fucking psycho), (exaggerating)
(What the fuck u know about), have u tried the (shoes that i'm wearing)?
Have you stepped on this (side) of the line), see if its (alright)
To have the things that (you like), ripped outta you without (any insight), without (any right?)
(Leave it aside), whatcha know about the wonderings of this (mind of mine?)
When you'd rather (have me die) instead of (reaching inside)
Like i've been promised, fuck, a (million times), and yet here i am
(Spiting thorns and shattered glass), to an audience made of (demons and ghosts of the past)
Chances (i lost), and alas, i'm afraid that i might reach my last
(Mark my words cuz i'll be damned),
To know that this shit'll repeat all over itself until the very day that i refuse to wake up

What will you do?
What will you do?
The sky is falling
What will you do?
What will you do?
We've reached the end


released September 25, 2014
everything by me