When I'm Bored I Take Pictures Of My Dick (Then I Delete Them)

by Debsak

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As you might have already guessed, yes i am a rapper
but i'm more prolific napping, lazy motherfucker
Bed sheets are my best friends forever,
if i could, i'd stay in bed from january to december

Fucked up in the head, somebody call a vet,
i'm not a fucking beast, i'm mice at best,
but give this mice a mic, and watch it blow the ceiling up the sky
Hang on to something, we don't want you to go flying

Sometimes reality puts up some disappointing shows
And i'd rather get lost, get high, get drunk
Perhaps i'm avoiding my life, avoiding myself
But perhaps there's a void IN my life, a void in myself

But i'mmmmm too blind to see the difference
All i see is a blurry image when i reach a mirror
No it's not the glasses, i'm sure that they're are fine
It's just that i don't know what i'm doing with my life!

When i'm going out at night, and i'm having vodka and coke
Simply trying to get drunk, for no reason at all
Waking up the next day like what the fuck was up
With that girl that i met waiting by the bathroom door

Oh, lord, evasion is one hell of a drug
And i'm one hell of a junkie, whos hella overdosed
not really High on life, as some people call it
I'm high on anti-life, high on hate and love narcotics

What the fuck are we even doing?
Not giving a fuck about anything is bullshit
It's a pretty serious, unhealthy position
To be standing, what's the point of life in you don't like it?

That's a no-win, situation to be in
You wanna be real? then you better believe
And play along, cuz it's a fuckin long hard road
That we walk cause there's really nothing else going on

That's the point of living, it's fucking doing something
Anything to focus on, and love, and keep you going
Sometimes we might feel like reality's a faux
Because we cannot really prove anything at all

So go and scream, and fight, and don't forget to give a fuck
Hate and rage, doubt, cry, laugh and feel attached
And that will make you feel alive
That's the call of real life
And you won't have to wonder bout reality, just live
That's all

These have been some pretty weird years
Dealing with myself and so many different fears
Embarked on a trip of disengage and rediscovery
The notion of reality itself has me wondering

How can we ever be sure of the things we know?
How do we know that we are not alone
In our minds, in a dark room, somewhere in the universe?
Is there even a universe? Why do i even write this verse?

Because, and this is where it gets fucked up
I guess that we just know that we'll never know
It's been a lot of time since i wrote,
That first verse and i think it's important to note

That i had the privilege, of living without this misery
Back before i had to listen to all the bullshit of these questions
Like electromagnetic fractals in my head
Rooting deep down in brain, know what i'm saying?

Because whatever you do stay away from my gray
-matter, cuz that's the only thing that matters
And i am not to sit here and contemplate
As everything that i have ever built just fades away

So motherfuckers you can take my whole fist in the face
If a single one of you even try to erase my name
From existance, cause i intend to keep existing
And no psychological riddle is gonna cease me


released November 28, 2014



all rights reserved